Day 5: Superficial anatomy study and How to study

I spent the day mostly resting today and only studied for a couple of hours. It’s always good to allow yourself some break from time to time. Setting too hard goals for yourself can drain your energy, be it physical or mental energy, in no time, leading you to fail in achieving this goal. I shall share my insights on how to set goals you can achieve without being too easy or hard on yourself (tomorrow).


You know how you’ve been feeling you are doing things wrong, but had no idea how to do them right or whom to ask how to do them right? I’ve had this feeling since the day I started studying drawing and painting last year. I didn’t know from where to start or how to start, but I at some point I just started. Only recently did I found this video from artist Forrest Imel. I believe somebody had posted it on Level UP’s facebook community page.

In his video Forrest Imel talks of how he does his studies, which is his way of doing them and probably won’t work for everybody, but it works great for me.


I used to think that in order to draw a character bearing some medieval weapons and armor, I first have to learn anatomy, but not just learn some of it, learn it ALL! Study every single detail, learn all the bones, their names and everything, learn all the muscles and how they move and contract, all the joints and the way they work. Then study medieval armor in depth, then medieval weapons, then textures: metal, leather, rust… Needless to say I despaired at “all the bones and their name” and quit. Eventually drew this character, but it really showed I didn’t know the basics of anatomy, how armor worked and skipped the weapon all together.


So if you’ve watched the video, you know already 🙂 Just come up with an idea for character, then study only the things that would be included in this drawing, don’t learn ALL the anatomy, just study few poses and if you have difficulties drawing hands, do some bonus studies on hands. Then look through some armor designs, pick few, study them, not ALL of the armor designs. And so on. In time your knowledge would grow in a practical way. You don’t have to become an expert in everything in order to start drawing. It’s rather the other way around: you have to start drawing in order to become an expert in anything. Watch the video, there are other things he talks about that make a lot of sense.


I’ve drawn some poses lately and found the neck and shoulder area looked weird. Which meant that I should do some study on it, advance my knowledge and understanding in this area of the human body. So I spent some time today reading articles on anatomy and looking through photos and drawings on the subject. I ended up with those few sketches. I might be wrong, but I think that the pit which the sternocleidomastoid muscles form where they connect with the manubrium is on one level with the shoulders in men and somewhat lower in women. Also it seems to me that the clavicle bones resemble an almost straight horizontal line in men, while they look more curved and form a slight V shape in women. That makes women’s neck look longer and more slender.

There are also lots of bones that are not covered with muscle in this area of the body and show directly under the skin as angular and sharper shapes, than the fluid curves of the muscles.


That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!

mastR out

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