Day 7: All my friends are travelling around the world and I am just sitting here…

^This flashed through my mind last night when I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, liking posts from friends. It suddenly occurred to me that all their photos were from around the world: some were traveling through Western Europe, Central Europe, some were in Brazil, some were in the US, and a lot of them were at the sea side already, enjoying their summer vacations. Others are going to some music festivals and so on.

And me? Well I am just sitting here doing some serious research for my next blog post. You’ve probably seen me skip a couple of days worth of posts (I’ve lost track of time, am sorry). I decided to take the blog to the next level and instead of forcing myself to post whatever everyday, do a research on a serious and important* topics and write a useful and informative post instead.

*Important in my opinion, however, you are invited to give your own suggestions and requests in the comment section below, or on facebook, or wherever you can find me.

I wanted to share with you my insights on setting priorities and quitting things. I am not hating on my friends for traveling while I am working my butt off. I am not saying I’m not going on any vacation this summer or this year either. This post is going to be a brief rant about time management.


So you’ve experienced this in your life many, many times I bet: not having time for anything while actually doing nothing. Why does this happen? Because of things that take up time and energy, but that are not actually important. I was listening to an artists’ podcast once and one of the artists said (I am quoting from memory) “Would you rather go out and have some fun time with your friends, or would you rather stay at home and paint? Should you choose the first thing, then you might reconsider being an artist and become a bartender instead.” This got me thinking how many things you have to sacrifice in order to achieve a dream…

I suddenly realized I have to set priorities and quit lots and lots of activities. I considered most of them beneficial, but they were in no way helping me become an artist. Activities such as watching the news and reading articles about politics, economy, business, science. Reading and posting on forums. Watching e-sport events and matches… Playing games ;C


Don’t get me wrong! I haven’t quit all of the above. Not forever and not all at once. But they were not helping me with my drawing and they had to go in one way or another. I quit them one by one and I started with the one, that was the most time-consuming: the forums. They provided both some social (be it awkward) interaction, lots of information on different topics and other people’s opinions and viewpoints. But it took almost ⅓ of my waking hours reading and trying to participate in various discussions. I still go out drinking with those people from time to time, because they are a colorful bunch of nice guys and gals.

Next came facebook, needless to say why, right? 😀

All of the links to articles and news went with the forums and facebook. I was left alone with youtube and And while youtube is kinda my best ally (with all those tutorials and artist streams and podcasts), I had to unsubscribe from a lot of channels. I decided to keep as a reward: play games when there’s work done, not before work / durring work as a break.

Going out with friends? Well, I’ve found out how to balance this one, too. When I had something to do like work on some freelance project or portrait, I just went out for the couple of beers I promised myself to go out for. No more than two. Sure it broke my heart to leave the party so early on, but I didn’t have to work up late and catch up with deadlines on the next day.


So you might now think I’ve become some sort of robot which is drawing and painting all day long and when not drawing or painting, thinking about it? In a way I am. In a way I am just a normal person. I just decided to channel all my energy and time towards becoming better at this one thing, removing all the unnecessary ballast from my daily activities.

I might be awkward in live conversations and online chats, I might not be up-to-date with politics and game news and I might not be available for farming rifts tonight or tomorrow night, but I am content with myself for learning something new about drawing today and sharing it on my blog for it might be useful to somebody somewhere 🙂


Have you quit anything recently and why? Do share, I am curious.


I made some studies not long ago, trying a different technique: starting with blocking out volumes with a big brush and then defining details and establishing proportions little by little. Here’s my study on Kim Basinger from the movie L.A. Confidential. The screen shot I took from Evan E. Richard’s site. Check it out if you are interested in cinematography or want to learn how to compose your paintings.









Thank you for reading!

mastR out



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