This blog could help you if you are:

  • a total newbie and self-taught entry level beginner in the world of digital art and you are looking for some basic fundamentals explained by idiots for idiots
  • an experienced artist, who is looking for some easy laughs at other people’s noobness


Now, on a serious note, what this blog really is about is storing knowledge I have accumulated throughout my career as an artist and from before that; and breaking down the process of learning and improving my art in easily understandable and digestible steps.


First and foremost: I am lazy.

Second: I do take up lots of projects and make lots of promises to friends and fulfilling them is time consuming.

Third and in earnest: Researching, writing, editing and drawing for blog posts is damn difficult and takes lots of time. But the love for what I do gives me strength and will to continue doing it, so I won’t stop 🙂 If you see me not posting for some time, don’t worry, it means I’m just up to something big 😉

I really hope everything here would be of some use to somebody someday 🙂


. . .

That is my old About me, quite boring, ain’t it?

My name is Petya Kirisheva. Although I graduated from university as a civil engineer, I find true joy and satisfaction in drawing. Therefore, I draw.

Here in this blog, I’ve put some of  my most recent works, that are worth of displaying. I would be updating this constantly, at least 3 or 4 times a week with new projects or progress on already started ones. I will also share knowledge that I’ve obtained throughout learning and working; things like how light works with different materials, some interesting drawing techniques, designs and so forth.

Contact me via:

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